An Employee In Your Facility Tests Positive for COVID-19 – Now What?

An Employee In Your Facility Tests Positive for COVID-19 – Now What?

The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on businesses across North America and the globe. As this situation evolves, many employers are asking how to mitigate the risk of contamination in the workplace and what best practices are needed to control the spread.
Key subject matter experts from WESCO and Hazmasters, with over 30 years of experience in restoration and abatement, will share best practices, protocols, and procedures to help reduce exposure risks in the workplace associated with COVID-19.

Join us as we cover the following topics:

  • What preventative steps you can take now
  • How to maintain best practice protocols for your workplace
  • How to ensure that your facilities are properly decontaminated and disinfected
  • Benefits of hiring restoration contractors

Hazmasters Presenters:

  • Sylvia Kolitsopoulos: Head of Brand Strategy & Business Develop.
  • Matt Nichols: Restoration & Abatement Leader
  • Karen Donnelly: National Health, Safety & Environ. Manager

Full Webinar

Webinar Handouts and Q&A

  • Office Operations Guidelines
  • Pandemic Procedure Reference Guide
  • Two Team Approach Guideline
  • Warehouse Operations Guideline
  • FAQs


*This guidance was updated at the date of broadcast, and the recording may not reflect most updated regulations

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