Fuel and Logistics Surcharge

What is the fuel and logistics surcharge, and how can you use Conney.com to avoid those expenses and create efficiencies in your business?

Fuel and Logistics Surcharge as of May 16, 2022

As you likely know, the entire distribution industry continues to experience very significant challenges related to fuel prices and supply chain disruptions. At Wesco, we remain focused on providing you with the products and services you need.

In response to unrelenting volatile fuel costs, we are instituting a surcharge on all shipped orders placed via phone or email.


Effective May 16, 2022, a $15 fuel and logistics surcharge will be included on all called-in and emailed-in orders. This charge will be automatically applied upon order entry.


If you would like to avoid this charge, please consider placing your order online at Conney.com. Online orders:

  • DO NOT incur the $15 fuel and logistics surcharge
  • Are eligible for FREE SHIPPING if your order is over $250

Please note that orders picked up at our Madison showroom are also exempt from this charge.


We remain committed to sourcing and delivering best in class value solutions in all categories. Please reach out to your account representative should you have any questions or are looking for possible product alternative that could help offset some of these increases.


We will continue to track gas price movements to determine when we can eliminate this temporary charge or if we need to make additional adjustments.

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