Choosing the Right Welding Jackets, Welding Respirators and Welding Gloves

Our experts go over the basics of what to look for when shopping for welding jackets, welding respirators and welding gloves.


Welder wearing a welding jacket, welding respirator, and welding gloves


Welders are very familiar with the means of protective wear needed to stay safe while applying their craft. From welding ppe, welding helmets, heavy duty cowhide leather (top grain or full grain) work gloves, and fabrics with kevlar stitching,  it’s important to utilize the proper personal protective equipment to stay safe. There are many dangers that welders face, from heat, cutting, brazing operations, and more.


Our experts go over the basics of what to look for when shopping for welding jackets, welding respirators and welding gloves.


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Welding Jackets

Welding jackets and clothing protects welders from metal splatter and high heat via the use of fire-resistant and thermally insulating materials. These fabrics typically also offer some degree of abrasion and electrical resistance.


  • The most common welding jacket material is leather. Leather welding jackets are a popular choice because they typically offer high levels of both heat resistance and durability.
  • Lighter weight cotton welding jackets are chemically treated to be flame resistant, even after up to 100 washings. The benefit of a cotton jacket is the enhanced ease-of-movement and breathability in the arms and through the back.
  • Some welding jackets feature a combination of leather sleeves and a cotton body providing the wearer with some breathability in the torso area while also protecting the arms from sparks and splatter.


Choose the right long sleeve welding jacket for protection from sparks and open flames during welding, torch work, automotive jobs, manufacturing and steel fabricating operations.


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Welding Respirators

The respiratory hazards of metalworking are real. Welding fumes swirling around workers can potentially result in health-related issues for the worker. Workers need a respiratory solution that fits securely under welding shields, in order to deliver the appropriate protection for their jobs.


Whether disposable or reusable, 3M™ welding respirators are designed to protect your workers along with a low profile that fits under most welding and grinding shields.


Reusable Respirators 

Welders rely on 3M welding respirators to help them work safely and comfortably. 3M 6500 Series Respirators are a premium choice to help protect welders from certain airborne contaminants.


  • A quick latch mechanism makes it easy to drop down the respirator without removing head straps.
  • Cool Flow™ exhalation valve helps reduce heat and moisture to make breathing easier.
  •  Low profile half facepiece design offers a wide field of view and compatibility with certain welding and grinding shields.


Disposable Respirators

3M 8212 and 8214 Disposable Welding Respirators help provide reliable respiratory protection for applications such as welding or soldering where metal fumes may be present.


  • Buckles provide a personalized fit.
  • Cool Flow exhalation valve helps to provide easy exhalation and cool comfort.
  • Cake resistant media makes breathing easier for longer when exposed to welding fumes.
  • Flame resistance reduces the effects of a spark or flame.
  • 8214 Disposable Respirator uses carbon loaded media to reduce nuisance level organic vapors and ozone up to 10-times the exposure limit. This reduces nuisance level acid gases as well.


To help stretch your budget, choose the 3M 8515 Disposable Respirator. This economical option features the adjustable M-noseclip as well as a braided headband for a more comfortable seal that hits fewer pressure points.


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Welding Gloves

Did you know that the sparks generated from welding can reach up to 600°F (315°C)? A good pair of leather welding gloves to protect your hands and arms from those sparks is an absolute must.


And while sparks are perhaps the most common hazard we think about when welding, there are many other potential hazards to consider as well:


  • If you should pick up or rest your arm or hand on a piece of hot metal, you'll want a glove with outstanding heat resistance. Welded metal generates infrared radiation which also can burn unprotected skin. Many thicker welding gloves have an additional lining to produce enhanced heat resistance.
  • Welding generates intense UV light. While your visor protects your face and eyes, your welding gloves protect your skin from exposure to that light.
  • Welding gloves provide electrical insulation, lessening your chance of being shocked by your welding equipment.
  • Of course, leather welding gloves can also protect the hand from minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, abrasions and punctures.


We offer welding gloves made of cowhide, deerskin, pigskin, goatskin, sheepskin and moosehide. These different leathers offer a wide range of heat protection, strength, cut/abrasion resistance, and flexibility.


Choose a welding glove based on the type of welding you're doing. We offer gloves that produce added comfort for prolonged use, extra protection for the hottest jobs, flexibility and dexterity during TIG welding, and gloves with large cuffs and sleeves to protect from welding sparks.


Keep in mind that no glove can do every welding job – so there will be some trade-offs when making your selection.


Contact our Safety Support Team to help you select the correct welding jackets, welding respirators, and welding gloves for your particular workplace. In almost any situation you have, we can offer you options that best fit your budget or specific needs, allowing your employees to work comfortably and efficiently.



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