Selection Guide: Winter Work Gloves and Freezer Gloves

We're going to discuss exactly what you need to know when choosing a pair of winter work gloves or freezer gloves.


When you spend time working in cold weather, cold fingers can make the workday long and miserable. That’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality pair of winter work gloves or freezer gloves that fit well and provide the proper level of warmth.


In this post we’re going to discuss exactly what you need to know when choosing a pair of winter work gloves or freezer gloves to protect your hands.


What is the most important feature to look for when choosing winter work gloves or freezer gloves?

A waterproof, breathable liner is the #1 feature you should look for when selecting winter work gloves or freezer work gloves. Breathable liners feature tiny pores that prevent water droplets from permeating down to your skin, while simultaneously allowing vapor to escape.


This is particularly important on jobs where you’re working up a sweat because the vapors will wick away from your hands and flow to the outside of the glove to evaporate. More often than not, the moisture inside a thermal insulated pair of winter work gloves is coming from the user’s sweaty hands, as opposed to seeping through from the outside.


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What are some things I should consider if I'm shopping for freezer gloves, as opposed to outdoor winter work gloves?

  • If you’re working inside a freezer with temperatures below 0°F for extended periods of time, you should consider thick insulating work gloves, heated work gloves or using warming packs inside your freezer gloves.
  • If you require dexterity to write, type or operate equipment with small buttons or a touch screen, you’ll want to consider a thinner knit glove.
  • If you frequently carry objects in/out of cold storage or a freezer all day, you'll want to consider waterproof gloves, as ice will build up on your hands and/or the objects you're carrying and then melt as you return to a room temperature area.
  • For cold material handling, consider freezer gloves with thick insulation.
  • If you're handling abrasive/rough objects, consider freezer gloves with a strong liner and perhaps added protection on the back of the hand and fingers.


It seems like many of the most popular styles of winter work gloves and freezer gloves are lined with Thinsulate™. What exactly is Thinsulate?

Thinsulate (a technology created by 3M) is a fabric made from synthetic fibers woven together in various thicknesses to keep your hands warm at a range of temperatures.


3M Thinsulate insulation works by trapping more air in less space, due to its lightweight microfibers. The more air the insulation traps, the warmer you stay. This explains why winter work gloves that used to be big and bulky can now provide both good dexterity and surprising warmth when constructed with Thinsulate.


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How do I select the right size of winter work gloves or freezer gloves?

Because different glove manufacturers use different methods for determining glove size, knowing how to properly measure your hand is critical.


Most winter work gloves and freezer gloves are sized based on either the circumference (total distance around) or width (distance across one side) of your hand.


  • To determine either circumference (total distance around) or width (distance across one side), measure the widest area of your hand – the space just below your knuckles at the palm (excluding the thumb). This is typically done using a soft cloth tape measure. 
  • If you are right-handed, take measurements from your right hand. If you are left-handed, measure from your left. This is because your dominant hand is typically your largest hand.


Another method manufacturers use to determine glove size is the length of your hand.


  • Hand length is determined by measuring from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.


Once you have these measurements, you'll want to go to the manufacturer's website to determine what size glove you need. Most major glove manufacturers will have a sizing chart on their website. If you are unable to find the sizing chart you need, please contact our Safety Support Team and they will be happy to assist you.


What are the most popular styles of winter work gloves and freezer gloves that Wesco Safety has to offer?

Below is a variety of cold weather work gloves and waterproof work gloves that should be considered when selecting the right winter work gloves for your workplace.


Direct Safety® High-Visibility Insulated Cold Snap™ Gloves


Gloves offer a heavyweight terry shell for extra warmth when working outside in cold conditions. The foam latex coating on the palm and fingers produces added abrasion resistance and grip. Use for applications such as construction, highway work, garbage collection and maintenance that require high-visibility hand protection.


Superior Glove® SnowForce™ Extreme Cold Winter Gloves


These waterproof and windproof gloves feature Clarino® palms for super flexibility and long wear. Anti-slip PVC patches in critical palm and fingertip areas for excellent grip even in wet conditions; gauntlet cuffs that adjust for a custom fit using velcro tabs; and elastic at the wrists to ensure a snug fit that locks out the cold. Three layers of HeatLok insulation provide maximum warmth with minimum bulk. 


The waterproof, breathable inserts lock out water and wind, while moisture from sweaty hands is not locked in. Kevlar® and stainless-steel covered, foam-padded knuckle strap offers protection against hard knocks, scrapes and abrasion Glove back, sidewall and fourchettes are stretchy nylon/lycra for a combination of toughness and flexibility. Gloves are ANSI level 3 puncture resistant.


Memphis Luminator High-Visibility Premium Grain Pigskin Waterproof Drivers Gloves


These gloves feature a vinyl waterproof liner with Thermosock® lining that traps air as it moves through the glove and uses your body heat to warm the cool air before it reaches your skin. The inner lining wicks away any moisture, keeping your hands warm and dry. 3M™ reflective tape reflects light directly back to its source. These leather gloves are great for heavy-duty road work, construction and heavy equipment operators.


Memphis Ninja Ice Fully PVC Coated Gloves


Ninja Ice Gloves feature a dual shell consisting of a 7-gauge acrylic terry liner on the inside and a 15-gauge nylon liner on the outside. Gloves are made with a proprietary Hydropellent Technology™ PVC full coating that creates encapsulated air molecules which repel liquid. This process produces a firm wet or dry grip, plus it also provides a cushioning effect to minimize impact. The combined result is a thermal lining that stays soft and flexible in temperatures as low as -58ºF.


Where can I purchase winter work gloves and freezer gloves?

You can order from our complete supply of winter work gloves, thermal gloves, and freezer gloves at


Feel free to contact our Safety Support Team to help you select the correct protection for your particular workplace to stay safe from head to toe. In almost any situation you have, we can offer you options that best fit your budget or specific needs, allowing your employees to work comfortably and efficiently.



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