The Working Man's Guide to Construction PPE

With proper safety training, procedures and construction PPE, the risk of workplace accidents and injuries can be greatly reduced.

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There are many hazards present in the construction industry. It is important for all construction workers to be aware of construction safety and to take steps to protect themselves and others. With proper safety training, procedures and construction PPE (personal protective equipment), the risk of accidents and injuries can be greatly reduced.


Types of Construction Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Construction PPE for Your Head

Choosing the right hard hat for your work environment is crucial to ensuring that your head is protected from falling objects resulting in head injuries.


  • The most common type of hard hat is the Type I hard hat. It is intended to reduce the force of impact resulting from a blow only to the top of the head.
  • Type II hard hats are intended to reduce the force of lateral impact resulting from a blow which may be received off-center, from the side, from behind, or to the top of the head. Type II hard hats are typically lined on the inside with a thick high-density foam.

MSA V-Gard® Advance Helmet

The MSA V-Gard Helmet features robust and durable shell construction. Glaregard® surface underbrim reduces reflective glare. Lateral contours allow for easy integration of hearing protection. 


Extended rain trough for around-the-brim protection in hot and/or wet environments. Hat features a 6-point Fas-Trac® III Ratchet Suspension.


Bullard® Classic Hard Hat

The enduring quality of these 14.24 ounce hats make them ideal for almost any indoor or outdoor task. Hard hats feature a wide profile brim for increased ventilation and greater comfort. This hat is made from high-density polyethylene. Comes with your choice of a 6-point Pinlock or Ratchet Suspension.


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Construction PPE for Your Eyes

Wearing eye protection on a jobsite is important to prevent eye injuries that can occur from flying debris, dust, chemicals, and other hazards. Did you know that 90% of workplace injuries are preventable if the user had been wearing protective safety glasses? In fact, approximately 60% of workers with eye injuries were not wearing the right kind of eye protection!


Pyramex Venture II Safety Glasses

Venture into the world of lightweight eye protection. Cushioned nose buds provide extraordinary comfort. 9.75-base curved lens provides 180º of protection without the distraction of seams or gaps.


Radians Mirage Safety Glasses

The sleek design of these glasses produces a perfect fit for both men and women, ensuring worker acceptance. These glasses weigh less than 1 ounce, so they are very light. The wraparound lens provides a near perfect orbital seal, plus it's both optically correct and distortion free for clear viewing.


Construction PPE for Your Ears

On a construction site, there are many sources of loud noises, including heavy machinery, power tools and other equipment. As a result, it is important to wear hearing protection to prevent hearing damage. From reusable and disposable ear plugs to hearing bands to earmuffs – each product offers different levels of protection and comfort, so it is important to choose the right hearing protection product for your needs.


3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Foam Earplugs

Custom fit these polymer foam plugs to any ear canal by simply rolling and inserting in the ear. Econopacks provide you with more earplugs and more value.


3M™ Peltor™ Optime™ Standard 98 Earmuff

Choose the Optime 98 for hearing protection when noise levels reach up to 98 decibels. Soft foam ear cushions ensure the correct pressure on the eardrum. These low-profile earmuffs feature an adjustable stainless steel headband for a custom fit.


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Construction PPE for Your Hands

Wearing hand protection on a construction site is vital to preventing hand injuries that can occur from handling sharp objects, working with power tools and performing other hazardous tasks. Hand protection can become worn, damaged or contaminated over time, which can reduce effectiveness. Chemical resistant gloves may also be necessary depending on the construction site. Be sure to maintain your hand protection and replace it as needed.


BDG® Arc Tek Grain Goatskin Drivers Gloves with Arc Flash Resistance, Impact/Cut Protection

Grain goatskin leather is soft and abrasion resistant, making it highly recommended for applications requiring tactile sensitivity. ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) on the back of the hand dampens impact to the knuckles and fingers. Gloves are further strengthened by the cut-resistant lining, padded palm and reinforced thumb saddle.


  • Kevlar stitching adds strength and burn resistance
  • Shirred elastic wrist with slip-on cuff allows for quick donning and doffing
  • Ergonomic keystone thumb offers superior dexterity
  • Gunn cut pattern keeps the palms free of stitching
  • ANSI level A5 cut resistance
  • ANSI level 2 impact resistance
  • ANSI level 4 puncture resistance
  • Gloves have an arc rating (ATPV) of 60 cal/cm2
  • Meets NFPA 70E Hazard Risk Category 4


Majestic Armor Skin™ High Visibility Knit Back Mechanics Gloves

These are more wear- and abrasion-resistant than leather gloves. Designed with the toughest synthetic glove material available, gloves offer a balance of protection, durability and comfort.

  • Synthetic leather palm
  • Hi-vis knit back with neoprene knuckles
  • Velcro wrist closure


Construction PPE to Prevent Falls

The three basic components to any fall arrest system are Anchorage Connectors, Body Wear and Connecting Devices. Individually, these three items will not provide protection from a fall. However, when used in proper conjunction with each other they form a personal fall arrest system that becomes vitally important to fall protection safety on your jobsite.


3M™ DBI-SALA® Delta™ Vest-Type Harness

Vest-type harnesses with mating chest buckle and adjustable tongue leg buckle straps are extremely durable and lightweight. The vertical torso adjusters easily adjust and lock into place to eliminate loose ends and prevent slippage. The spring-loaded back D-ring "stands up" to ensure an easy connection. These are 420 lb rated.

3M™ DBI-Sala® Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

This strap allows the worker who has been subject to a fall, and is suspended, to stand up in their harness and relieve the pressure being applied to the arteries and veins around the top of the legs. After a fall, the strap can be quickly and easily deployed and adjusted. The strap accommodates either having one foot or both feet in the loop at a time - it will relieve the pressure to both sides with just one foot in, allowing for added movement of the legs.


3M™ Protecta® Rebel™ Self-Retracting Lifeline

Economically replace lanyards with the versatility and added safety of a self-retracting lifeline. These self-retracting lifelines come in aluminum or composite housings built to last. Available in various lengths and with high-strength synthetic webbing or galvanized steel cable. 


The speed-sensing brake keeps forces to a minimum and reduces clearance requirements. The impact indicator produces visual proof of a fall arrest.


Hi-Vis Construction PPE

The benefits of wearing hi-vis traffic clothing include improved visibility, increased safety and improved communication between workers and drivers. Hi-vis clothing can also help workers be aware of their surroundings and stay alert while on the job.


Direct Safety® Type R Class 2 Solid Traffic Vest

Vests are a safe choice for road construction crews, utility workers, surveyors, and more. Vests offer 2" reflective tape, an inside front pocket, two outside pockets, two mic tabs and a hook-and-loop front closure.


Direct Safety® Type R Class 2 Economy Surveyors Vest

Provide a safe work environment for survey crews whether they're on or off-road. This Class 2 vest is made with 100% polyester with a solid front and a mesh back. Added features include 2" reflective tape and a heavy-duty front zipper. Surveyors vest includes many pockets:

  • 2 large hip pockets with hook-n-loop closures
  • 1 small left chest pocket with hook-n-loop closure
  • 1 right chest packet with 4 pen pockets
  • 2 inside pockets


Direct Safety® Type R Class 3 Quilt-Lined Premium Jacket

This quality quilt-lined premium jacket is constructed of 300 denier nylon/polyurethane coating with fully sealed seams. The jacket is high-visibility yellow with black bottom hem and sleeves to hide dirt and grime. 2" ANSI-compliant tape provides greater visibility, while the jacket contains a variety of pockets to hold all your work gear.


  • Jacket backside is longer to keep you covered when reaching
  • Waist features a black nylon drawstring and toggle locks
  • Sleeve cuffs feature hook-and-loop take-ups
  • Heavy-duty two-way zipper with snap closure storm flap
  • Detachable concealed hood features black nylon drawstring, toggle locks and hook-n-loop take-ups
  • D-ring pass-thru includes a storm flap


Construction PPE for Your Feet

Foot protection should be worn consistently whenever you are on a construction site. This includes when you are walking through the site, working on equipment or performing other hazardous tasks.


Footwear Specialties Avenger Foreman Composite Toe Work Shoes

  • Style and comfort come together in this durable leather work shoe with a composite toe.
  • Footwear is made from non-conductive materials to provide added protection in an electrical hazard environment
  • Polyurethane midsole and outsole are oil and slip resistant
  • Moisture-wicking mesh lining helps keeps feet dry
  • Nylon shank adds extra strength
  • Removable PUREcomfort dual-density footbed produces extra comfort
  • Meets ASTM F2413 for impact and compression


Footwear Specialties Avenger Builder Steel Toe Work Boots

These tough and stylish steel toe leather boots feature an oil- and slip-resistant polyurethane midsole and outsole for that extra comfort. The 45° heel produces maximum stability and rigidity on the most demanding surfaces.


  • Footwear is made from non-conductive materials to provide added protection in an electrical hazard environment
  • A padded collar and tongue enhance comfort
  • Removable PUREcomfort dual-density footbed produces extra comfort
  • Meets ASTM F2413 for impact and compression

Feel free to contact our Safety Support Team to help you select the correct construction PPE for your safety and health. In almost any situation you have, we can offer you options that best fit your budget or specific needs, allowing your employees to work comfortably and efficiently.

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