Put Your Facility's Best Foot Forward with Entrance Mats

Entrance mats play a vital role in creating a clean, safe and welcoming entryway for your facility.




You may not have ever thought about this, but the first thing many people see when they enter your facility is your entrance mat. Having an entryway that is wet, sloppy, dirty or slippery is most likely not the first impression you want to make on customers and visitors.


How can entrance Mats help your workplace?

Entrance matting plays a vital role in creating a clean, safe and welcoming entryway for any building. Here are ten key points to consider when selecting entrance matting:

  • Dirt and Debris Control: An entrance mat can effectively remove dirt, dust, mud and debris from footwear, preventing them from being tracked further into the building.
  • Floor Protection: A high-quality floor mat prevents scratches, scuffs and other types of flooring damage caused by foot traffic, thus extending the lifespan of the flooring.
  • Safety Enhancement: A door mat with slip-resistant properties offers better traction and can help prevent slip-and-fall accidents, especially during wet or rainy conditions.
  • Moisture Absorption: Entrance matting captures rain, snow, and moisture from shoes and boots, preventing water from being tracked indoors.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Entrance mats are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and materials to match the overall decor of the building.
  • Cost Savings: By preventing dirt and debris from entering the building via entrance matting, you reduce the need for frequent floor cleaning, maintenance and repairs.
  • Health and Hygiene: Effective matting can trap allergens, bacteria and other contaminants that can be carried into the building on footwear.
  • Reduced Noise: Entrance mats can help dampen noise caused by foot traffic.
  • Branding and Image: Well-maintained entrance matting can leave a positive impression on visitors by accentuating your attention to cleanliness.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In industries such as healthcare or hospitality, entrance matting may be required to comply with safety and hygiene regulations.


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Wesco Safety Offers a Wide Variety Of Entrance Matting And Entryway Air Blowers

Direct Safety® Expedition Ridge Entrance Mat

This entrance mat provides good performance at a value price. Use it in medium-traffic indoor entrances.

  • Popular rib construction traps dirt and moisture in recessed channels below shoe level
  • The thick carpet surface is both stain and fade resistant
  • Vinyl backing is slip resistant
  • Choose from red, blue, brown or charcoal


Direct Safety® Expedition Saxony Entrance Mat

Choose this for outstanding absorption and durability in medium to high-traffic entrances.

  • Olefin cut-pile yarn construction dries quickly
  • The vibrant carpet surface is both stain and fade resistant
  • Vinyl backing is slip resistant
  • Choose from smoke, charcoal, beige, blue and red/black


Dri-Eaz Sahara Pro X4 TurboDryer

This durable, high-performance air mover produces high-velocity airflow (837 CFM) for both general ventilation and to accelerate the evaporation of moisture.

  • Airflow is up to 837 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Use the rotary dial to controls the three speeds
  • GFCI outlet allows for the daisy-chaining of multiple units
  • Underside drying vent eliminates wet spots
  • Unit is constructed of injection-molded polypropylene with an ABS plastic inlet grill and a steel wire outlet grill
  • Stackable unit measures 17.4"L X 15"W X 17.3"H and weighs 24.3 lbs.


Feel free to contact our Safety Support Team to help you select the best entrance mats and blowers for your particular workplace. In almost any situation you have, we can offer you options that fit your budget and specific needs.



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