Ready, Set, Go: Top 12 Winter Driving Tips

Be prepared by following these 12 winter driving tips for winter driving preparedness during long-distance or frequent trips.


top winter driving tips

Severe winter weather and/or wintry conditions can be dangerous for workers who frequently spend their day on the road. Be prepared by following these winter driving tips for winter driving preparedness during long-distance or frequent trips.


Watch weather reports prior to long-distance winter driving or before driving in isolated areas. Delay trips when especially bad weather is expected. If you must leave, let other employees know your route, destination and estimated time of arrival.


Top 12 Winter Driving Tips

Here are just a few winter driving tips to help keep you and your fleet safe this winter.

  1. Always make sure your company or personal vehicle is in peak working order by having it regularly inspected by a mechanic.
  2. Keep your gas tank at least half full in your vehicle at all times.
  3. Always carry your cell phone, plus blankets, gloves, hats, food, water, ice scraper, and any needed medication in your vehicle.
  4. When driving on icy roads, do not use cruise control or hold the brake pedal down for an extended period of time.
  5. If you lose control of your vehicle during slippery road conditions, take your foot off the gas pedal to regain traction. 
  6. Check your dome light and make sure it is not left on as this will drain your battery.
  7. Always wear your seat belt when driving on snow-covered roads (or whenever you drive, for that matter).
  8. If you become snow-bound, stay with your vehicle. It provides temporary shelter and makes it easier for rescuers to locate you. Don’t try to walk in a severe storm: it’s easy to lose sight of your vehicle in blowing snow and become lost.
  9. Don’t overexert yourself if you try to push or dig your vehicle out of the snow.
  10. Tie a brightly colored cloth to the antenna or place a cloth at the top of a rolled-up window to signal distress.
  11. Check your exhaust pipe to make sure it isn’t clogged with snow, ice or mud. A blocked exhaust could cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to leak into the passenger compartment with the engine running.
  12. If possible, run the engine and heater just long enough to remove the chill and to conserve gasoline.


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Popular Winter Driving Preparedness Products Available from Wesco

Being prepared for wintry conditions is half the battle. Let’s discuss a few winter essentials that every worker or non-worker should have in their vehicle when winter comes.


Cortina Safety Metal Fleet Safety Kit

Imagine a flat tire, engine trouble or a sudden breakdown. Everything you need to deal with a roadside emergency is conveniently packaged in this handy kit.


First Aid Only® Vehicle First Aid Kit

This 10-person kit is housed in a rugged, weatherproof steel case to keep critical first aid supplies free of dust and moisture.

  • Kit contains 76 items
  • Unit features an easy-carry handle and is wall mountable
  • OSHA compliant and meets ANSI Z308.1-2009


Cortina Safety Highway Warning Triangles

Highly visible, reflective triangles are designed to keep you safe during roadside emergencies. They are easy to use and constructed with wire bracing to keep them secure in all weather conditions. Set of three triangles folds for storage in a carrying case. Triangles comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 125.


Reusable Wool Utility Blanket

Wool is a natural insulator, meaning it keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Its breathability allows moisture to escape, keeping you comfortable regardless of the weather. This 66" X 84" blanket is machine-washable and made of 80% wool.


Cordova Grain Split Drivers Gloves

Leather Drivers Gloves offer protection from rough objects, sparks and heat, and cushioning from blows in heavy-duty work environments. Cowhide is the most common type of leather glove. The advantages of Cowhide include comfort, durability, excellent abrasion resistance and breathability.

  • The Grain Leather (on the palm) is the smooth external side of the hide. This type of leather provides durability and dexterity.
  • The Split Leather (on the back) is the rougher internal side of the hide. This type of leather provides added breathability.
  • Keystone thumb features a separate inset thumb with a double layer of leather for more protection, dexterity and comfort
  • Slip-on cuff allows for easy donning


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Thank you for reading this list of winter driving tips. Feel free to contact our Safety Support Team to help you select the best winter driving preparedness products for your workplace. We can offer a wide variety of options that fit your budget and specific needs.


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